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Microsoft Teams is a tool designed for business owners and...


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  • Works under: Windows 10
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Microsoft Teams is a tool designed for business owners and employees who need to stay connected. It's great for the large number of people who now work from home because it allows them to stay in touch with those back in the office. You can also use the tool to chat with remote workers and clients around the world. While you can download Microsoft 365 and get a built-in copy of Microsoft Teams, you can also download the tool by itself and use it in the office and on the go.

During the pandemic, many offices sent employees home to work as a way to stop the spread of germs. While some of those employees returned to the office, others kept working from home. Microsoft Teams comes loaded with features that help you get and stay connected such as chats. Not only can you chat with a single person, but you can create groups and chat with multiple people at the same time. Only those invited to your chat can participate. The tool allows you to send files through your chats along with emojis and stickers.

Built-in channels are also available. Do you want to talk with people you work with but don't have access to your phone all the time? Use the channels to send direct messages. You can even link Microsoft Teams to third-party services like Bing News and Facebook Pages. This makes it easy for you to respond to any messages that you get and send new messages. If you have confidential information you need to discuss, send private messages to select individuals. While you can't send emojis in the channels, you can send photos and videos as well as texts and other files.

One of the top features of Microsoft Teams is the teams option. Remote workers have the chance to work together when they aren't all in the same spot. You can easily go in and set yourself up as the administrator. This lets you send invitations to anyone you want to join a specific team. It's also easy to set up teams that include your friends or family for personal groups. Using the URL makes this even easier because you send a link to another person. They click on the link and use their Microsoft account to join your team.

Microsoft Teams also allows you to make video calls. Do you have an important meeting with a client who lives on the other side of the country or the world? Invite them to your video call. You can also conference with workers who are in the field or at home. When you set up group conversations, you can use both video and audio calls. There's no need to have a phone handy because you can use the microphone on your computer. Some companies even replaced their standard office phones with Microsoft Teams. Instant messaging is also available for those who want a quick and convenient way to connect with others.

Some of the best features of Microsoft Teams relate to its meetings. You no longer need to spend a lot of money to bring clients and employees to your office. With Microsoft Teams, you can set up virtual meetings and let everyone participate. Simply open the tool and select the meeting option. You can then set up a time and date for the meeting and get a link to share. Anyone who clicks on the link can join the meeting and take part. They also receive a calendar alert that reminds them before the meeting. If you need to cancel for any reason, you can send everyone a message at the same time, which will reschedule the event on their calendars.

You don't need to worry about missing out on an important idea or concept during your meeting either. Using the record feature allows you to record the whole meeting and listen to it later. You might find that you can save some time with the transcript option. No matter what happens during the meeting, Microsoft Teams will save it in a text file and give you a copy of the transcript to save on your PC. You can even send copies of the transcript to others who attended the meeting.

Use the breakout rooms feature when you want to break your groups down. Do you often hold meetings to talk about important subjects but also need to have teams do different types of work? This feature lets you send employees and clients into smaller groups once they sign into the meeting. Using the front row feature helps you take center stage. While those who attend the meeting can see each other, the front row puts your image in the center and makes it bigger to ensure that they focus on you. You can also change the front row to let someone else take over the role.

Microsoft Teams is also a good option for teachers and those who work in the education field. You can set up forms and send them to your students that allow them to complete small quizzes and tests. The tool also lets you create assignments to let students know what they need to do in the future. Many high schools and colleges now use Microsoft Teams, especially those that offer online classes.

If you need a way to connect with others, consider Microsoft Teams. It's a great way to chat with remote workers and clients as well as students who take your classes. You may even find that it works well when you have family members who live in different areas. Download Microsoft Teams to take advantage of all the top video and chat features.


  • Tons of options for group and individual chats
  • Allows you to make video and audio calls
  • Great for remote workers and offices
  • Has a free option
  • Available on its own and as part of a software suite


  • Free version lacks some options
  • Some users may find it hard to set up
  • Lacks some custom features
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